Soskin Whitening Brown Spot Corrector


Uneven, dull complexion, dark spots

BENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Targeted skincare boosted with the SOSKIN D-WHITE complex. Gentle efficacy allows daily use.
– SOSKIN D-WHITE, concentrated in hexylresorcinol, targets the origin of hyperpigmentation. Helps to reduce the appearance of visible spots in surface and prevents the appearance of emerging spots.
– Ascorbic acid and silicium: stabilized vitamin C derivative. As known to help reduce the amount of pigments in the epidermis. Helps to reduce intensity of brown spots and pigmentation flaws.

NOTICEABLE RESULTS: The intensity of brown spots and pigmentation flaws is diminished. Hyperpigmented areas are as if faded and smoothed. Fluid, lightweight and moisturising texture suitable for localized use.

Suitable for all skin types. With no undesirable side effects.

Size: 30ml
Made in France. Dermatologically tested.

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